Published On: Wed, Apr 24th, 2013

Online Share / Stock Market BackOffice for Future Segment

Online Share/Stock Market Back Office for Future Segment / Commodity Market : MCX, NXDEX, NSEFO etc…

  • MCX Back Office | Online Main Member MCX Back Office
  • NCDEX Back Office | Online Main Member NCDEX Back Office
  • NSEFO  Back Office | Online Main Member NSEFO Back Office

This Online MCX , NCDEX, NSEFO Member Back-office is used to manage all functionality starting from Registration to Settlement.

This Future and Commodity Segment software helps member / broker to manage all sub broker / branches too.

This Share Market back office is simply to use and can be operates from any where with any gadgets


System Security Module

  • User Management Module
    • User Creation
    • User Permission: Screen wise Add, Edit, Delete and View
    • Entry Log for add, edit and delete : User Wise

Master Setup Module

  • Brokerage Setup Module
    • Delivery and Intraday wise
    • Purchase Side and Sale Side Different Setting
      • Minimum Brokerage Setting
    • Fixed Brokerage on lot
    • Script wise brokerage
    • Rounding Format
  • Tax/Charges Setup Module
    • Delivery and Intraday wise
    • Purchase Side and Sale Side Different Setting
    • Minimum Tax/Charge Setting
    • Fixed Tax/Charge on lot
    • Rounding Format
  • Script Master Setup
    • Automatic Import from respective website
    • Manual Add/Edit/Delete
  • Client Master
    • Brokerage Setup: General and Script Wise
    • KYC Process as per compliance
    • Email and phone no setup for communication
    • Bank Information for payout
    • Online password setup
  • Account Management
    • General account creation and management for financial accounting
  • Branch/Sub Broker Master
    • Branch/Sub Broker management with sharing ratio

Trade Process & Settlement Module

  • Trade File Import
    • Import from FTP
    • Import From Terminal
  • Bhavcopy(Last Trade Price) File Import?
    • Import from FTP
    • Import From Website
  • Margin File Import?
    • From FTP
  • Step by Step Wizard System which do followings with single click only (form Exchange, Website or FTP with single click only)
    • Import Daily Trade Files
    • Import Margin file
    • Import Daily bhavcopy file
    • Contract Note Generation
    • Bill Generation as per bhavcopy rate
    • Margin Calculation
    • Ledger Posting

Financial Accounting Module

  • Financial Group Management
    • (You can create new financial group, rename group etc..)
  • BANK Receipt Management , Bank Payment Management, Bank Reconciliation
  • Cheque printing
  • CASH Receipt Management , Cash Payment Management
  • Journal Voucher Management
  • Financial accounts with Trial Balance Sheet, Trading A/c, Profit Loss A/c and Balance Sheet…
  • Multiple Firm management

MIS & Reporting Module

  • Ledger Report with find and filter options
    • (more settings in software control panel)
  • Exchange Wise Broker Position
  • Exchange wise Client Position
  • Date Wise Position
  • Sub Broker Wise Position
  • Exchange + Date wise Contract and Bill
  • Script Wise Profit Loss Report date wise
  • Turnover Report Exchange Wise , Client Wise , Sub Broker/Branch Wise,Script Wise
  • All Audit reports
  • Brokerage Report Client Wise + Date Wise + Sub Broker/Branch Wise
  • Live RMS Report Sub broker/Branch wise
  • Family Report Sub broker/Branch wise
  • Brokerage Report Client Wise, Date Wise, Sub Broker/Branch Wise
  • Tax Reports
  • CSV File with Margin and Ledger balance to import in Odin Terminal to view and Setup client limits in Odin
  • All reports are in .PDF and Excel
  • SMS and Email Log
  • And more…

SMS & Email Module

  • SMS
    • Trade To Trade SMS
    • Time Slot Wise SMS Ex.10:00am to 11:15am
    • Position
    • Daily Trade in details?
    • Daily trade in summary?
    • Ledger Balance?
    • Daily Profit or Loss?
    • General SMS?
    • SMS Log in Excel after sending SMS?
  • Email
    • Contract Note and bill?
    • Position ?
    • Ledger Report?
    • Email Log in Excel after sending SMS?

Utility Module

  • Automatic compress backup with date and time via email?
  • Manual backup option from software?
  • SMS and email server setting in control panel

Online Client Module

  • Self Ledger Report?
  • Position without live rate?
  • Position with M2M live rate?
  • Script wise Profit Loss report date wise?
  • Daily contract note?
  • Daily bill with B/f C/f Entry?
  • Daily Trade Book?
  • Password Change?

Online Sub Broker / Branch Module

  • Sub Broker/Branch Creation with online login username and password
  • Client wise brokerage sharing ratio in terms of percentage?
  • Fixed Brokerage slab setting to sub broker/Branch?
  • Sub broker/Branch wise online back office which shows followings:?
    • Position of all associated clients with M2M Profit loss with live rates
    • Contracts and bills
    • Ledger with final debit/credit
    • Brokerage sharing report date wise
    • Family report with Margin and Ledger Balance
    • LIVE RMS (Risk Management System) with Ledger balance and open position
    • Self password change
    • Script wise profit loss report date wise

Latest Update

  • Online Client Side Order Place
  • Client Can Place Order From Their Login
  • Admin Can check it and Confirm or Delete Order.
  • Admin can modify trade after Confirm Order to Trade
  • If Orders are unconfirmed than and of the day it will be delete automatically.

Other Feature

  • 100 % online Software system made on JAVA
  • No need to install anywhere
  • All Mobile supported
  • User friendly interface

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  1. I want to just say thank you to Mr.Shailesh and Logix TM for Developing a Best Products…Specially Online Stock Market Back Office Software….

  2. We are using Logix Online Back office Software for Commodity for last 2yrs and We are fully satisfied with the back office software, we get all appropriate reports as specified by the Exchanges and SEBI..

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