Published On: Wed, Apr 24th, 2013


One thing that we feel separates WebTech from our competition is the real world experience of our trainers. All of our trainers are developers first, and trainers second. That’s not to say they are not good teachers as well; they are, but only developers like yourselves can understand what’s important for real applications and what’s best left in a text book. No need to waste your time reviewing things you already know.


Logixitcore Training & Development offers expert training, development & consulting for professional programmers & consultants. Logixitcore specializes in C#, VB, ASP,  .NET, SQL Server, PHP, Java, & more.


Software development takes more than just memorizing commands and syntax. During a comprehensive program of software development training, students gain perspective on the entire software lifecycle, learn methods to create effective algorithms and study best practices such as version control, debugging, unit testing and profiling.

The specific details of software development training programs can vary based on the type of software the student is learning to develop. Applications software development courses may focus on issues of cross-platform compatibility and Web deployment, while systems software training might contain material about assembly language and enterprise networking protocols.

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