Published On: Wed, Apr 24th, 2013

Online E.R.P Software for Corporates

Online E.R.P (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software, ERP System which manages your all department centrally and effortlessly from anywhere with any gadgets.

Our web based customized ERP meets following business nature.

  • Retail Chain (Mall)- (With Customized Bar code)
  • Semi Corporate Industries
  • Manufacturing Industries

Why Need ERP ?

For most organizations, driving profitable growth in today’s business climate isn’t easy. You face global competition, market consolidation, talent shortages, compliance requirements, heightened customer and shareholder expectations, and demands for increased profitability.

Constant changes in your industry only compound these challenges. To meet these challenges, you must be able to respond and transform your business quickly, cost-effectively, and without sacrificing profitability, transparency, or internal control.

You need IT that is flexible, robust, and secure. And you need software that effectively handles your industry-specific processes from start to finish.

Solutions for enterprise resource planning (ERP) play a vital role in ensuring your success.With the right ERP software, you can boost corporate performance while you:

  • More easily manage complex corporate structures, market channels, and business scenarios
  • Streamline your business processes and operations
  • Optimize valuable corporate resources and assets
  • Accelerate time to market and time to value
  • Deliver individualized products and services to current and emerging markets
  • Enhance employee and customer service and satisfaction in all aspects of your business

    The AARAM® ERP application is the software foundation that large enterprises and midsize companies trust to provide the best business insight and enable operational excellence and innovation.
    Leveraging this foundation, you can build the flexible business processes you need today and tomorrow.
    AARAM ERP draws from more than 8yrs of experience with more than 1700 customers It delivers the powerful functionality, global orientation, and flexible enhancement package options you need to gain a sustainable, competitive advantage and position your organization for profitable growth. At the same time, it supports the types of automated, end-to-end processes that are needed to transcend organizational barriers and extend business processes to your partners, suppliers, and customers.


    Company Setup

    • Company basic information
    • Branch management
    • Common department management
    • Common designation management
    • Branch wise book management

    HR and Payroll

    • Designation + Department + Branch wise employee information
    • Information with Multiple bank details + multiple document attachment + photo attachment + online login details
    • Employee hierarchy/Level
    • Employee individual login
    • Employee salary structure and office timing information
    • Employee leaves management
    • Attendance management + Salary management by external hardware like thumb / infrared card scanner with timings and manual
    • Auto Salary calculation based on present days
    • Auto salary calculation based on working hours
    • Salary auto debit to staff account
    • Salary slip according to company rules


    • Screen wise + Employee Wise + Department wise access permission
      o [four types of permission per screen : ADD | EDIT | DELETE | VIEW]
    • Timing wise Permission
    • IP Address Mapping to make sure it is operable from our permitted premises only
    • Multiple login for same ID is prohibited
      • Permission transfer from one designation/employee to other designation/employee for particular branch
      • Entry Log management based on user/employee login with timing
      • Employee individual login to manage assigned task
      • Employee salary structure and office timing information

    Product Setup

    • Unlimited product hierarchy/group level creation
    • Unit management for particular product
    • Product setup with particular hierarchy/group, unit, opening stock, barcode nature, MRP and discounts, tax setup and image
    • Customer group wise rate setting
    • Barcode setting can be Lot wise or Individual and Manual or Automatic
    • Product Import can be possible from excel/csv file

    Customer And Account Setup

    • Customer Basic Info
    • Tax Registration Details
    • Multiple Address Location
    • Multiple Contact Details
    • Multiple Bank Details
    • Multiple Documents Upload
    • Agent / Broker Setup
    • Due days and limit setup
    • General Office Account/Ledger Creation for Expenses, Bank and Others
    • Tax setup
    • Customer information data is possible to import from excel / csv file

    Trading / Inventory

    • Purchase Order + Pro-Forma + Invoice + Return with multiple books
    • Sale Quotation + Order + Pro-Forma + Invoice + Return with multiple books
    • Customized Link setting between two books of same type
    • Customized settings per individual book like : bill format, rules and regulation, email connectivity,filter criteria etc…
    • Stock management between linked books
    • Internal branch transfer management: issue from one branch + receive same from other end without any multiple entry
    • Branch wise stock management
    • Barcode setting at time of purchase and sale
    • Agent/Broker management
    • Currency counter management to receive and pay money

    Project Management

    • Project creation with start date and finish date
    • Project Task Creation with priority and dependency and Assign to specific Employee
    • Stage wise status updation of individual task
    • Gantt view to take summary look of each task of specific project
    • Project view in customer login panel
    • Project wise Purchase, Order/Sale management
    • Project wise income and expense management
    • Project wise Purchase, order, income, expense analysis

    Job Work Management

    • Job Inward – Outward management with internal link
      • >Automatic pending list at time of outward
    • Sub Job [Outward – Inward] management with internal link
      • >Automatic pending list at time of Inward
    • Outward Bill Generation : directly from pending outward challns
    • Sub job Inward bill Generation : directly from pending sub job inward challans
    • Link between main job [Inward – Outward] with sub job [Outward - Inward]
      • >Automatic pending list at time of sub job outward
    • Link between purchase/production with sub job [Outward - Inward]
      • >Automatic pending list of purchase/production stock at time of sub job outward
    • Multiple sub job [Outward – Inward] for single main job Inward
    • Multiple sub job [Outward – Inward] for Purchase/production stock
    • Costing and stock management on every stage of job

    Production / Manufacture

    • Production formula management
    • Bill of material management
    • Direct link/creation with purchase order in case of no required raw material
    • Production based on formula or manual
    • Raw material consumption link with purchase : automatic and manual
    • Automatic costing of finish product based on purchase price as per selected
    • Automatic raw material stock management based on formula
    • Multiple production stage management of finish product
    • Machine wise production management
    • Material issue and receive management in every stage of production with employee information to calculate : stage wise Stock, Machine wise Production, Employee wise Production and final Costing of Product
    • Costing and stock management on each stage wise and machine wise
    • Raw material consumption link with purchase and previous produced finish product : automatic and manual
    • Additional option to enter expense like electricity, man power and others on each stage, which will use to update costing of finish product in detail.

    Barcode Management

    • Barcode Setup at time of product creation for individual product
      • Automatic [individual, Lot Wise] | Manual
    • Barcode Printing at time of purchase and production
    • Transfer product to any branch with specific barcode
    • History and link of barcode within purchase – production – sales – sales return etc…
    • Branch wise and Company Wise Stock Management with barcode value
    • Barcode linking with service management

    Finance Management

    • Bank receipt and payment management
    • Cash receipt and payment management
    • Journal Voucher [JV] management
    • Payment link with invoice
    • Discount/claim setting at time of payment entry per invoice
    • Reconciliation of cheque entries
    • Automatic reconciliation of cheques with online bank statement from excel/csv file
    • Project Wise Finance entry to manage project cost and profit
    • Financial reports [ Trading a/c, Profit Loss A/c, Balance Sheet ]
    • Main company wise + branch wise separate and combine.

    CRM Module

    • Lead management
    • Customer call management
    • Call assign to employee
    • Marketing call management
    • Project management : link with all task + reminder
    • Link with quotation or order book
    • Employee performance management [ assigned call vs. solved calls ]
    • Product performance management as per max no of calls
    • Call forwarding to other employee in case of not solved by assigned employee
    • Meeting + Task + general reminder setup using scheduler
    • Online login access to each employee
    • Online login access to customer to register complain and view self call history

    Utility Module

    • Customized Email and SMS communication in each module as per requirement Like…
      • Invoice mail + SMS at time of sale
      • Payment reminder for sales and purchase party based on due days setting
      • Postdated cheque reminder before one day and same day
      • Welcome latter to new customer
      • Daily important summarized data to admin And more as per requirement
    • Email template management for each type of email
    • SMS template management for each type of email
    • Cheque print module as per user requirement, bank wise
    • Control Panel setting to manage and control whole ERP.

    Online Login

    • Online login access to branch to maintain
      • Purchase or inward
      • Sales or transfer
      • Payment collection , office expense
      • View self branch reports like sale register, purchase register , stock report, profit loss report, balance sheet etc…
    • Online login access to customer to maintain
      • Order book
      • View ledger with us
      • Register complain and view history for same
    • Online login access to employee to maintain
      • Assigned task
      • Personal task

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    1. gaurav bhuva says:

      Logix’s service has always been proactive and we are very happy with their prompt response to our upgrade requests which in this industry is almost a frequent necessity.

    2. ravi parekh says:

      We had tried several UI solutions in the past, but LogixITcore proved to be the most stable and professional looking software vendor for our management console.

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