Published On: Wed, Apr 24th, 2013

Online CRM (Call / Service) Management

  • Software is 100% online, so it’s easy track from anywhere.
  • Increasing customer satisfaction ratio.
  • Empowering your employees for more output with time to time solution.




  • Location Master
    • Country Management + State Management + City Management
  • Branch Master
  • Department Master
    • Management of department for particular branch
  • Product Master
    • Basic information of products
  • Product Problems Master
    • Common problems and solution of particular product
  • Employee Master
    • General Information of company employee
    • Online username and password setup with expiry date
    • Reporting person setup with branch
    • Assign particular products to particular employee
  • Customer Master
    • Customer basic information
    • Online username and password to generate ticket for support
    • Product Sales detail with maintenance period setup for AMC


  • Call Management
    • Auto email + SMS to Customer respective call details with call id
  • Call Assign Management
    • With target date
  • Reassign pending calls which are assigned but pending
  • Call Follow up Management


  • General Call Register
  • Call Received but pending to assign employee
  • Call assigned but pending to solve
  • Total Pending Calls (Not Assigned + Assigned but Pending to solve)
  • Overdue calls (Pending Calls but crossed target date to complete)
  • Call Full Ledger
    • Full details of particular call: like Call entry + Call Assign Entry + Call Follow up Entry + Call status
  • Employee Performance Report
  • Product Performance Report


  • Renewal Management
    • Auto reminder to user + customer for product service renewal based on product sales
  • Email + SMS Setting for admin


  • Screen wise Add + Edit + Delete + View Permission for Particular Employee

Employee Login Module

  • To see assigned + Pending + complete work report of self
  • Follow up entry to particular assigned call

Customer Login Module

  • For online complain registration
  • Particular call status + history of all complains

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  1. The best thing is the excellent customer service i have gotten from the Logix Software support team and the success and ease of website development.

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